At One Hour Optical, we believe in the importance of quality eye exams that take a good look into every aspect of your eye health. During an annual comprehensive eye exam, you’ll get an updated vision prescription, and our passionate eye doctor will take the time to get to know you in order to better serve your eye care needs.

Our One Hour Optical Eye Doctor

Our eye doctor cares deeply about the health of his patients and wants to make sure that every person who comes in is completely comfortable and assured that their individual needs are taken care of. We take a lot of pride in creating a great experience for patients at One Hour Optical, and we want to earn your faith in the quality of our care.

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Our Eye Exams

Our mission is to be your home for budget-friendly eyewear that’s truly tailored to you. That’s why we thoroughly screen your eyes in-house during your eye exam so you can meet our optical staff afterwards with a precise prescription in hand.

At One Hour Optical, our team will make sure your experience is comfortable and leaves you feeling confident in our care. Once your eyes have been checked, an experienced and compassionate eye doctor will meet with you virtually to get more information about your needs and unique eyes. From there, we’ll see to it that your eyewear — whether that’s glasses or contact lenses — helps you achieve your best vision possible!

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Patient getting an eye exam at One Hour Optical in West Des Moines
When you come to One Hour Optical for your eye exam, we’ll evaluate your eyes for any irregularities or signs of disease. Sometimes these risk factors won’t be noticeable until irreparable damage has already been done to your vision. Early detection is vital, because the sooner we detect an eye condition, the sooner we can work toward managing it ourselves or finding you the help you need.

After we’ve assessed your eye health, we’ll update your vision prescription, so you’ll see clearly out of the corrective eyewear you choose.

Contact Lens Exams

Woman getting a contact lens exam with an optometrist at One Hour Optical in IA

Contact lens exams are slightly different from regular eye exams. Glasses sit some distance away from your eyes, while contact lenses are placed directly on the eyes themselves. This distance means that your contact lenses will require a different vision test to get an accurate prescription.

In-House Optical Lab

In-House Optical Lab

One Hour Optical has a lens lab on site, giving us the ability to craft your glasses, ready to wear, on the same day of your appointment if you have urgent needs. Our patients love that they can come to us in a rush and get high-quality eyewear without waiting.

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About Digital Eye Exams

Digital eye exams are a convenient and accessible way to access our signature, high-quality care. During your digital eye exam, you’ll meet with a licensed optometrist for a live, remote session where they’ll screen for diseases and assess your eye health. These exams are highly accurate, and you’ll be able to communicate with your provider in real-time during the entire process. Protect your eyes and schedule your annual checkup today!

Eye Exams in West Des Moines

At One Hour Optical, we’re dedicated to quality vision and stylish eyewear. When you visit our store, you can rest assured that you’re in great hands with our experienced eye doctor and staff. Give us a call at (515)-758-7356 to schedule your comprehensive eye exam today!